What is the Sleep Well Toolkit?:


The less time we are exposed to blue light, the less time we spend in the FREEZE zone, the more time spent in the parasympathetic system, and the more we optimise our melatonin production, we will give our body the best sleep opportunity.


Our 2 piece Sleep Well Toolkit gives you the tools to make your sleep sound, rejuvinating and more!


Why these 2 tools?: 


The ACUPRESSURE MAT is one of my most favourite tools of all time. She is your truth serum. She uncovers the very thing you are hiding. STRESS!! Then she trains the nervous system to tone down and shift gear from fight or flight (and for most FREEZE) and into rest, digest and repair.


The BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES help to improve our sleep by minimising blue light interference at night, therefore, increasing the body's melatonin, a hormone much needed for quality sleep.




You will receive tuition video's for each of these tools. Please contact us if you have questions.


  • When making a purchase of ANY MCP TOOLKITS you will be given the opportunity to book in a FREE STRATEGY CALL with me.

    These calls are often used to help you find some direction in YOUR health and wellness journey, to familiarise yourself with the toolkit you have purchased, and to see whatelse is possible for you.

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