Alkalise Me Connection Call


This is the most important tool in this kit! During this call we will go through the correct protocol to follow when working with Sodium Hydrogen Bicarbinate.


This will be organised via email.


Call will be conducted via ZOOM.


Keep an eye out for your emails to book in your call.


What is a Revitalise Toolkit?:


Optimal sleep, less time in the FREEZE zone and more time in the parasympathetic system, and having an alkaline body is a fabulous way to be living. 


Our 5 piece Revitalise Toolkit gives you the tools to make all of that happen, and more!


Why these 5 tools?: 


The ACUPRESSURE MAT is one of my most favourite tools of all time. She is your truth serum. She uncovers the very thing you are hiding. STRESS!! Then she trains the nervous system to tone down and shift gear from fight or flight (and for most FREEZE) and into rest, digest and repair.


The BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES help to improve our sleep by minimising blue light interference at night, therefore, increasing the body's melatonin, a hormone much needed for quality sleep.


BICARB SODA is the only natural product on the planet that WHEN USED CORRECTLY has the ability to neutralise and buffer acids, allowing the body time and space to heal itself. We only give you the BEST most PUREST QUALITY TGA Approved Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Hydrogen Bicarbinate.


The MASSAGE STICK is a great and easy way to flush your body improving circulation and releasing muscle tension in your body. This is your very own personal massage therapist that can travel with you whever you go.


SPIKY BALL is the best tool to help wake up your muscles and even give some stress releif when needed. Roll it in your hands to feel some calm, roll it under your feet to feel grounded and alive. Roll your booty up against the wall (with the spiky ball) so that you wake them up from ASS amnesia! This is one of the most versitile tools in this kit.




You will receive tuition video's for each of these tools. Please contact us if you have questions.

REVITALISE ME TOOLKIT -Tone down to energise!

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