What is a Pyramid Energy Mat?:


Reflexology is said to have originated some 5000 years ago. This ancient form of healing therapy is still widely practised in the modern world and those seeking Self Care are now using modern tools such as the Pyramid Energy Mat (PEM)


This PEM combines accupressure, pyramid and magnet technologies giving you more opportunities for greater healing. The pyramid design is to assist in grounding when used on grounding surfaces such as; sand, grass, bare dirt, and untreated concrete, brick and ceramic tile (note that not all surfaces are suitable for the PEM)


We like to use this tool to help bring awareness to clients postures and weight distribution. When you know where you are receiving pressure from your feet up you will begin to understand the stresses the body is and has been dealing with. This knowledge helps us appreciate our body's ability to withstand all we throw at it.

Pyramid Energy Mat - Grounding

  • Benefits include:


    • Help for stress and pain relief
    • Stimulate feet
    • Reconnect muscle connections and neural pathways
    • Enhance energy levels in the body


    How to use:


    • Stand on (Use socks or sarong to reduce sensations as desired)
    • Spend 5min to invigorate the body - Spend 10min+ to promote healthy sleep patterns


    Recommended time to use:


    • Morning to invigorate (2-5min)
    • Any time to relieve pain symptoms
    • Can have at work station to help maintain energy levels when needed
    • Evening to wind down (10min+)


    ***Individual results may vary. Please consult your physician before you try any of these tools. Females are advised to refrain from using the Acupressure Mat, Pyramid Energy Mat, and Reflexology Rock Path during their cycle. 

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