Have you PUSHED YOUR BODY to the limit, now stuck on the couch wanting to exercise, but your mind is saying "yes" and your body is saying "no?"

Are you TRAINING HARD, eating the right food and still NOT GETTING THE RESULTS you want? 

Are you a "TIME POOR" weekend warrior who wants to keep training and doing events INJURY-free? 


Are you RECOVERING from an illness and have been told to exercise, but DON'T KNOW where to start?

IMAGINE what it would be like to MOVE your body in a variety of forms every day PAIN-FREE, respectful of your energy​ and still ACHIEVE YOUR DESIRED health and fitness GOALS.


The Movement & Nutrition Optimisation 10 Week Program is for men and women, young and aged, who want to have a body that is strong and supple, fit and injury-free without spending hundreds of dollars on activewear to join a gym and follow boring meal plans.



In this one-of-a-kind 10 Week Program, we will go through MOVEMENT:


1. The 7 Centres Of Movement, and
2. Daily Score - How to Read Your Body Daily

You will know what type of exercise your body is needing on any given day.

We will also go through NUTRITION:


3. Nutrition Optimisation System

 This system reduces inflammation, supports nutrient delivery, improves cellular respiration and boosts recovery.


Since working with people through this Movement & Nutrition Optimisation Program, we have found that MOVEMENT BRINGS AWARENESS to stuck emotions stored in the body.

So, we have now enhanced the program by combining EMOTIONAL WORK:

   4. The 7 Year Cycle Releasing Protocol

This protocol helps you clean out and release past and present tension held in the body supercharging your movement experience 

Not a single "health & fitness coach" teaches this system!

Movement & Nutrition Optimisation

$2,777.00 Regular Price
$1,777.00Sale Price
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