"Before you heal someone, ask them if they are willing to give up things that made them sick" ~ Hippocrates


Imagine what your life will be like one year from now - having learned how to connect with your body through movement, after re-aligning your life journey with your souls why, and releasing your body's freedom through play.


What would that feel like for you?


Would you be FEELING GOOD in your skin, and feeling FIT and ACTIVE in your body? Would you be expressing HEALTH and VITALITY, and experiencing more JOY in your life?

This mentorship is for someone who;

Is low in energy and suffers brain fog and body aches? 

Has an excess of energy and lacks direction?

Is living a demanding life, feels cluttered and out of balance?

 Is committed to the process and journey of living an embodied holistic lifestyle.

This mentorship is an opportunity to:


1. Tap into the innate wisdom of your body to heal old trauma and rejuvenate your cells 

2. Gound down and unite your body to your soul's calling and give birth to what's possible

3. DeClutter your thoughts and environment to allow the beauty of simplicity and space remind you that you have all you need

4. Recharge your body with nurture, nature, and movement nutrition and strengthen it through experiences 


This creative process ​has 3 components to it:

1. Simplify: Declutter unnecessary "stuff", expectations and stress while enjoying the healing energy generated through simple movements and health-conscious living.

2. Recharge: FIll your new-found space of all things that heal, nurture and build strength in your mind, body and soul. 

3. Thrive: Live your life your way, choosing healthy habits and surroundings that support you.


I walk with you every step of the way, facilitating the creative process to help you achieve a comprehensive, holistic movement & healing reset​


Embodied Holistic Lifestyle Mentorship

  • 1. EPIGENETIC Profiling

    2. BLOOD CHEMISTRY Reading

    3. pH/ALKALINITY Testing

    4. AFFIRMATION tools

    5. The art of SELF ENQUIRY

    6. MOVEMENT & HEALING nutrition

    7. Following your CORE VALUES


    9. ACCOUNTABILITY for the goals in action 


    11. Living in the PRESENT MOMENT... and so much more.

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