Get the most out of your training experience in the gym, at home or even while traveling

personalised Exercise program

If you are only focused on unrealistic short term weight loss or having a six-pack and a bubble bum, then this program is NOT for you!


Are you training for a RUNNING event for the first time?

Are you RECOVERING from an injury?

Do you want to feel and be STRONG enough to get through your daily activities?

Do you require to be FIT for the military, police or fire dept?

Is your POSTURE hindering your breathing, or affecting your ability to move without restrictions, or giving you pain?

Whatever your goals, we can create a personalised exercise program specifically for you.

Your plan will be designed and delivered via a mobile app.

Remember, this is a SIGNATURE PLAN, which means we create it together JUST FOR YOU!

**Suitable for those who can work online following instructional videos and text

***7 days delivery time expected

What is included:

Initial Consultation - This is a chance to get to know you. To understand what you are striving for and how you desire to achieve it. We work together to map out your plan to suit your body and its needs.

Delivery of the Plan - Together, we go through each exercise, the program layout, and to confirm your understanding and satisfaction of the program.

Mobile App Access - Your program will be accessible via a mobile app for an eight-week duration.

Online support - Connect through the mobile app if you have any questions regarding your program.

Connection Calls - All connection calls are via ZOOM.


You will receive an email ( to organise these calls.

Value: $1297


Offer: $777

What people say

"I smashed my Mooloolaba Tri PB by 15min and I am in the best shape of my life, and I have Daina to thank for helping me get there" ~ Mark Carsons

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