5iVE programs designed to get you moving, connecting, and playing every day!

The power of 5ive

Get FiT, Feel ALiVE with the POWER of 5iVE!      


"I feel stronger and in much more control of my body"

~ Chef Cynthia Louise


     ✔ Move smarter
     ✔ Injury prevention
     ✔ Exercise Anywhere
     ✔ Create awareness

     ✔ Improve organ health
     ✔ PLAY with your Grand/Children


The POWER of 5iVE is a plan designed around 5 main movement and wellness modalities to help you explore your body's ability to MOVE and open up new pathways. The movements in this plan encourage you to CONNECT with your own body and release any stress and tension held.


These are showcased in 5 distinct programs:


1. The DAiLY 5 - Injury Prevention

2. 5 Elements - Circulation

3. 5 Breaths - Hydration

4. The Primal 5 - Whole Body Strength

5. 5min HIIT's - Stem Cell Production


By the end of these 5 programs, your body will also feel the freedom to express itself fully through PLAY.


All YOU need to do is COMMIT to practising:


       1. 5iVE movements daily,
      2. for only 5iVE minutes a day,
      3. over the next 5iVE weeks.

4. and repeat!

It really is that simple!


So, what's involved?


With each program you will receive:


     ✔ At least 3 days PREP WORK

     ✔ Movement TUTORiAL ViDEOS with variations to suit everyone       

✔ Daily and weekly MOVEMENT PLANS

     ✔ LiFESTYLE TiPS to make your movement experience better
     ✔ Daily SUPPORT in my closed Facebook group

     ✔ LiFETiME ACCESS to my Facebook course


Over 5iVE courses of 5iVE weeks, we work together to release your body's freedom through purposeful flowing movement, bringing awareness to and strengthening the external and internal body, releasing tightness and restrictions from your body and life.


This really is a simple approach that works in real life!


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