Are you stuck on the stress express? 

It's time to ARREST YOUR STRESS and turn it into REST!

Flip your script on stress

Are you feeling OVERWHELMED from a demanding work-life, and your commitments pulling you in all directions, but all you want is time for yourself?


Do you find yourself WIDE AWAKE most nights, MIND RACING, struggling to get to sleep?


Are you currently experiencing a HEALTH CHALLENGE and feel you have tried everything and still not getting results?

Does this all sound familiar to you, and are you ready to make a change and FLIP YOUR SCRIPT ON STRESS?

Let me take you on a journey.


Imagine how you will feel once you CLEAR  your ENVIRONMENT, MIND and BODY, FREEING YOURSELF from the attachments of unrealistic expectations that are holding you back.  

Imagine yourself having the ENERGY and FREEDOM to spend QUALITY TIME on things that bring you JOY.

Are you ready to action your imagination and make it your reality?


Let me help you tune into your body's innate intelligence and wisdom and decipher the messages your body is giving you.


Let me show you how to become your own health detective and gain control over the stresses in your life and ultimately improve your health and wellbeing.

Let's get you OFF the STRESS EXPRESS!


The Flip The Script On Stress 10 Week Program is for men and women, young and aged, who want to have more energy and time to do more of what they desire and love to do in their lives.



This unique 10 Week Program has 3 key components:


1. Creating Space through DROP - SWAP - ADD

You will simplify and declutter your living spaces, mind, and body plus more,  to make way for more energy, fresh and vibrant foods, positive thoughts and healthier lifestyle habits.

2. Alkalise to REVITALISE

Stress is acidic to the body. Alkalinity is the only way to neutralise the acid. In this program, you will be alkalising your THOUGHTS, BODY, RELATIONSHIPS, and ENVIRONMENT.   

3. "ARREST" your stress coaching

This process cuts to the truth giving you an insight into the real reason you are experiencing stress in your life and also helps you adopt the 'ARREST' principles to live a healthy, 'on purpose' life.


While everyone is afraid to mention "stress" I am all up in the realness of this situation. Let's get real and flip your script on stress! 


You will receive my DROP - SWAP - ADD "Blueprint" to keep you going through daily self-inquiry while alkalising and decluttering your stresses. 

You will gain greater clarity over why stress is a precursor to disease and what you can do to heal. 

You will learn how to prioritise your daily activities and stay objective when reviewing your week. 

You will know what foods put stress on your body and shift your moods.


You will learn how daily stress affects the quality of your relationships and personal connections.

You will be able to feel in your body where your stress is hiding and have the tools to release them.

Stress is not something to sweep under the carpet but to be accepted and expressed.


10 One on One Connection Calls to provide you with the education, accountability and support, and have your questions answered.


Access to your recorded One on One Connection Calls for ongoing reference.

Tuition Videos to refer to while working through the many processes shared.

Your Alkalising Protocol to neutralise and buffer acids, support your cells and hydrate your body.

The opportunity to DeClutter, your environment, technology, relationships, foods.


10 x One on One Connection Calls with Daina via ZOOM - Value $2500

Arrest your stress tuition videos (shared via an online mobile app) - Value $997

Alkalising Protocol - Value $1497

BONUS 3 months FREE access to the Flip The Script on Stress Video Vault**

BONUS Facebook Community & Ongoing Support

BONUS Easy to Follow Alkalising Tips

Total value $4494

Payment TODAY $1777

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