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Connection Through Movement & Play

Daina is a total badass! She really makes exercise fun and challenging. It was mentally and physically stimulating. It is awesome to learn functional movements which can be done anywhere. I also like the idea of "numbers" and using how you feel, as an indication of the maximum effort you do.

~ Neelika


Are you ready to maximise your FULL POTENTIAL?



Embodied Movement & Healing Mentorship

Working with you to create the right plan to facilitate a successful transition to happy healthy fit living. 


Embodying All Of You Retreat

Join Daina and Michele in paradise and discover true communion with YOUR body, mind and truth!


Movement & Nutrition Optimisation

Keeping your mind and body healthy, happy and strong at any age is easier with the 7 Centres of Movement.


Personalised Exercise Programs

Need some problem-solving help with your movement and exercise experience? Programs are designed uniquely to you.

Enjoying the Nature

Flip The Script On Stress & Turn It Into Rest

Sharing the art of simplifying and self-enquiry to create more time opportunities and space for your body to strengthen and heal.  


MCP Products and Toolkits

Be empowered with the right tools to look after your body inside and out. Your at-home 

'self-care' solution.


"I smashed my Mooloolaba Tri PB by 15min and I am in the best shape of my life, and I have Daina to thank for helping me get there"

Mark Carsons

"Daina taught me the connection between the body and the emotional brain, how to recognise issues from emotions and how it can affect the body"

Wendy Geary

"I no longer have to be afraid of failing, even if I need to take a step back and readjust in the end, it will work itself out. I have the tools, the support and the ability to realise my dream of a happy healthy lifestyle"

Lara Bailey


"Releasing your body's freedom activating your inner strength, by connecting mind & Body through movement and play" 

About me

Hi, I’m Daina Kahu, a woman on a mission to help you have an HONOURING  RELATIONSHIP with your body through movement, connection and play so that you can have a QUALITY PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE through life.


As a former military physical training instructor (PTI) where I made sure sailors were fit to sail and fight, I understand how RESILIENT human bodies are.


Having spent time with children at an outdoor recreation centre, I know how important structure is for children to be able to FLOW, EXPRESS and PLAY.


I also spent time working with the elderly as a Chiropractic Technical Assistant (CTA), where they taught me that all they wanted to do is to “feel" sound again. They were willing to hand over their health to someone else in the hope that they would be able to FEEL STRONG, move with ease and play again!


Finally, working in commercial gyms (PT) exposed me to an uglier side of fitness. It showed me just how far removed “health” really was in the Health and Fitness Industry, where marketing focuses on the ego. We are getting more and more people to concentrate on the external body without any regard for the INTERNAL BODY.


I’ve come to realise that we all reside in a body that is, without doubt, the most DURABLE, INTELLIGENT, authority on the planet. When we NOURISH it correctly, it can give us the most fulfilling experience while here on earth.


I also believe we can MOVE WITH EASE, FEEL STRONGLY CONNECTED and PLAY throughout our entire lives no matter our age or any other limiting belief we decide to place in front of ourselves. We must take OWNERSHIP of our SHIFT, now!

Daina Kahu


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